Maya Bijou & Dante Colle & Kaleb Stryker in The Elevator Goes Both Ways – WhyNotBi

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Dante Colle and Kaleb Stryker are a pair of striving young professionals, but they’re devastated when their boss passes them both over for a promotion. The boss’ girlfriend Maya Bijou is just as mad, she thinks it’s unbelievable that two men as hot as Dante and Kaleb would get fucked over by her boyfriend when all she wants it to get fucked over and over by them! When an alarming elevator malfunction occurs, she finds herself bent over with two sexy men trapped in the elevator behind her with nothing to do but tear open her dress and touch and tease her wet pussy. Dante and Kaleb realize that teamwork makes the dream work and collaborate on the exciting new project of having a scorching hot bisexual three-way in the office elevator. The three beautiful bodies come together in a powerful display of synergy and cross-departmental collaboration that ends with Maya covered in Dante and Kaleb’s thick loads.